At Carallel we understand first-hand the challenges of caring for a loved one.

Informed by our own experience as caregivers, we have developed a scalable, technology-enabled caregiver support offering comprising both digital tools and personalized expert guidance.


Our comprehensive caregiver support solutions empower caregivers to more fully and confidently engage in caring for their loved ones, benefiting employers striving to retain employees, financial services and home care providers seeking to deepen client relationships, and payers and long term care insurance companies aiming to leverage family caregivers to achieve better outcomes.


You care. We help.

Meet the Carallel Team

Shara Cohen

President and CEO

Hillary Ebach

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

John Banta

Co-founder, Executive Chairman

Alan Spiro

Chief Medical Advisor

Troy Mills

Chief Strategy Advisor

John Regan

Chief Commercial Officer

Paul Strauss

Chief Technology Officer

Lesia Stuart

Director, Clinical Operations

Jen Piscitello

Manager, Care Advocate Team