What makes Carallel’s caregiver support solution different?

We understand caregiving is hard and is about more than choosing a senior living community or in-home care provider. Every caregiver’s journey is unique and can bring new and different challenges each day. We designed Carallel’s MyCareDesk digital platform and MyCareConcierge to help caregivers with a wide variety of needs. Our solution is a combination of tech and touch. MyCareDesk is a website with information, resources and tools for caregivers. In addition, MyCareConcierge provides direct access to senior care experts.

Our solution is unique in several ways:

  • Designed with the enterprise in mind and developed by senior level health, finance and senior care professionals
  • Address all aspects of caregiving, not just one
  • It’s not referral-based. We do not sell access to end-users or their data.

What do caregivers like most about Carallel’s caregiver support solution?

Many users tell us they like how MyCareDesk provides support from the beginning to the end of their caregiver journey. Whether they are just starting to research in-home care providers or need help during a crisis, MyCareDesk has the information they need along with personalized support from senior care experts.

Caregivers also like the ability to access MyCareDesk and MyCareConcierge from any device. In addition, it allows them to manage all of their caregiving tasks in one place. This saves time and reduces stress.

What do enterprise customers like most?

Our enterprise customers like the fact that we are able to meet their needs quickly and easily. And because our solution is flexible, it can be quickly deployed. In addition, we can fully customize our digital platform and integrate customer branding and logos.

Furthermore, our contact center, MyCareConcierge, allows caregivers to directly connect with our Care Advocates across phone, email, chat and text.

Most of all, organizations like the positive impact on employee engagement and productivity. By helping working caregivers feel more organized, our solution reduces employee stress and allows them to be more productive at work.

What is Carallel’s approach to helping caregivers?

Overall, we take a holistic approach to helping caregivers. MyCareDesk has information, tools and resources related to health, finances, senior living and more. In addition, our Care Advocates are cross-trained to consult on a variety of topics.

Our MyCareDesk digital platform is a one-stop shop for caregivers and their care teams to learn, collaborate and manage caregiving responsibilities. In other words, it has a combination of tools and resources to help with a broad range of caregiving needs, including:

  • Managing bill payment
  • Comparing senior living options
  • Sharing information with the care team
  • Staying organized by entering upcoming tasks or appointments
  • Keeping track of important documents

Are senior care experts available to comment on specific caregiving issues?

Our experienced Care Advocates are available to comment on a variety of caregiving issues. That’s because Carallel requires all of our Care Advocates to have a minimum of five years of experience providing guidance on topics related to senior caregiving. In addition, they are licensed and experienced in specialized areas such as senior housing, dementia, and nursing care. Furthermore, many have held management positions in senior living communities and are certified dementia practitioners. All come with a passion for helping caregivers and their families navigate the complexities of caregiving.

If you would like more information about Carallel’s caregiver support solution, contact us today.