Caregiving is hard.

Carallel makes it easier.

Our caregiver support solution helps caregivers balance their caregiving responsibilities with work and family life. With a combination of digital tools and personalized expert guidance, we help relieve caregiver stress and enable caregivers to more fully engage in the care of their loved ones.


Carallel offers comprehensive caregiver solutions for:

Health Insurance Payers

Carallel’s caregiver support solution helps health insurance payers serving senior populations. Carallel’s caregiver support solutions more fully engage family caregivers in their loved ones’ care, leading to better outcomes at reduced cost.

Home Care Providers

If you are a home care provider, Carallel’s caregiver support solution can help your clients and their families manage their caregiving journeys – and help you deepen your relationships with them along the way.


One in five U.S. workers are caregivers. As an employer, this affects your employees and your business due to issues like lost productivity and absenteeism. Carallel’s tools and services help forward thinking employers retain employees, while also reducing the productivity impact of caregiving.

Financial Services

As Baby Boomers age, financial services providers need meaningful ways to build relationships with clients and their clients’ children. It’s likely many of your clients will receive care from loved ones or become caregivers themselves. This is an opportunity for you to move from Wealth Manager to Life Manager.

Long Term Care Insurance Providers

For long term care insurance providers, our tools and services help caregivers more fully engage in their loved ones’ care, helping seniors to age-in place longer.


We know first-hand the challenges of caregiving.

Carallel was built based on personal experience. Our founders struggled with the difficult, time consuming, and often stressful process of caring for aging parents while managing full-time jobs and their own families.


25% of caregivers are millennials.

By 2048 $30-41 trillion will be transferred to children of baby boomers.

Digital tools are key to engaging caregivers and building relationships with the next generation.


Caregiving impacts 20% of US workers, driving over $50 billion in lost productivity.

24 hours

Caregivers spend 24 hours/week providing care, and have 13% higher healthcare costs.


70 million family caregivers are struggling to cope with issues related to aging.


We make caregiving easier.

Our caregiver support solution is designed to address all aspects of caregiving across multiple channels and act as a communications hub among family caregivers, their loved ones and other care team members.


Our comprehensive suite of digital tools addresses a variety of topics including senior living, in-home care, health, wealth and lifestyle, and helps caregivers complete caregiving tasks.


Our trusted senior care experts provide personal guidance on the full range of caregiving issues through phone, email, or chat.

“As the primary caregiver for my mother, I’m so grateful for MyCareDesk. The personal support from the Care Advocates is amazing and immediately helped relieve my stress and anxiety.” 

Gail, Caregiver & MyCareDesk User


Designed with the enterprise in mind.

Developed and commercially-deployed by senior level health, wealth and HR professionals.

Many issues, one solution

Addresses all aspects of caregiving, not just one.

Optimizing Caregiver Engagement

Our multi-channel platform drives caregiver engagement, leading to better outcomes at lower cost.

Our focus is helping family caregivers

We are not referral-based and do not sell access to users or their data.

Fully customizable

A powerful platform that enables private labeling, co-branding, and a custom solution set.

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